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    If you are already on mental health medication or have never had treatment, we can help!

    Maybe you have been taking the same medicine that your PCP prescribed but it’s just not working anymore, or maybe you’re on a lot of different medication with many side effects… We can adjust your regimen to get you feeling your best!

    I view medication management as a symphony for the mind. Everything prescribed needs to be in harmony with each other to be effective. I pride myself on my ability to create medication regimens that are safe and effective for each individual. If you’re not at your best, then you can’t be in your RIGHT MIND. So take the first step and call or email today!

    I treat the following conditions with the most up to date medication regimens to get you back in your RIGHT MIND:

    •  Depression
    •  Anxiety
    •  Bipolar disorder/Mood disorders
    •  Psychosis/Thought Disorders
    •  Substance Abuse
    •  Women’s Mental Health
    •  Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum
    •  Life transitions including grief
    •  Trauma & PTSD
    •  Sleep & Insomnia
    •  Mental Health concerns unique to YOU!
    • *ADHD
      (with documentation of neuropsychological testing by a licensed psychologist. random urine screening may be utilized if medication treatment is initiated)